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GRI Develops Sri Lanka’s First Off-The-Road (OTR) Winter Tire for Japan Image

GRI Develops Sri Lanka’s First Off-The-Road (OTR) Winter Tire for Japan

Posted on 20 August 2020

In a first for GRI, as well as for Sri Lanka, the company developed and launched an off-the-road (OTR) winter tire for the Japanese specialty tire market. Designed in collaboration with its Japanese partner the ‘GRIPEX SNOW’ tire was developed to withstand the winter weather and distinct terrain of Hokkaido prefecture in northern Japan. The OTR tire is fitted on vehicles used in sub-zero temperatures, ensuring optimal traction and higher stability on snow.

“We developed a special tire that gives an assured performance on snow combined with Hokkaido’sunique geographical terrain. It is built to withstand extreme weather and low temperatures. This tire is a milestone for GRI as it is a very different technology developed for a very discerning market. GRI is proud of this accomplishment for Japan” said Dr Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI.

The GRIPEX SNOW tire provides a stronger grip and better traction in deep snow. It also has firm stability in rough use under the toughest of conditions. Its effective traction on wet and compacted snow is ensured by the unique tread design that channels snow and water out efficiently. This robust tire guarantees optimal performance in low temperatures and preserves longer tire life.

GRIPEX SNOW underwent rigorous testing in-house and as well as independently to fine-tune the product and meet stringent specifications. “GRI is known for having a well-reputed pure natural rubber supply base in Sri Lanka and a world-class production plant. We also have built LEAN management and manufacturing excellence processes to complement our infrastructure. Our skilled manpower and technical expertise result in a shorter development curve which makes GRI an ideal fit for a special project of this nature,” explains Mr Manohar Mahajanshetti, Head of Technology, GRI.

Another key factor was GRI’s commitment to the customer. “This project is significant to GRI as well as Sri Lanka, as it is an expansion to our line of specialty tires and an innovative path to the  Japanese market with a large OTR winter tire. We are grateful for the opportunity to create a product for a specialized customer need and our determination to create the tire reflects our principle of being a customer-centric company. Our diligent technical team made this challenging project a reality,” notes MrPrabhash Subasinghe, MD of GRI.

GRI is is driven by an enthusiastic team keen to take the company and the country’s high-quality products to the world. GRI’s advanced new factory is the largest in Sri Lanka to produce specialty tires and the first to produce radial agriculture tires in the country.  GRI produces radial agriculture tires, construction tires, and material handling solid tires and has an international presence in nine countries, with sales in over fifty countries.

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