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GRI is Building a New Mixing Facility in Sri Lanka; Poised to Expand Tire Production Image

GRI is Building a New Mixing Facility in Sri Lanka; Poised to Expand Tire Production

Posted on 05 October 2020

A new mixing plant in Sri Lanka is in the works for the specialty tire manufacturer, GRI.  Work is currently underway for GRI’s new mixing facility in the Mirigama Export Processing Zone(MEPZ) in Sri Lanka to propel the future growth of GRI and put Sri Lankan specialty tires firmly on the global map.

The new mixing facility will be equipped with a capacity to produce 200 tonnes per day – a considerable advancement from its current capacity of 50 - 60 metric tonnes. “We opted for a new mixing plant to meet the current demand and facilitate further expansion. We are in the process of ramping up our tire production and gradually increasing capacity to better serve our customers worldwide,” explains MrAnanda Caldera, Executive Director of GRI.

GRI produces agriculture tires, construction tires, and material handling solid tires and has a considerable international presence. Its latest mixing facility will be endowed with best in class equipment to ensure sustainable and consistent high-quality manufacturing of its specialty tires. Each component of the tire is mixed to a specific recipe using complex chemical compounds together with natural rubber. The facility will build on the organization's commitment to high standards and will be equipped with state-of-the-art automatic weighing equipment to ensure accuracy and quality.

An undeniable pioneer in its field, GRI was also the first to produce radial agriculture tires in Sri Lanka. The plant features feeding systems and high-capacity mixers used by the best in the industry. The auto-feeding of fillers ensure there is no dust generated by carbon black. With silo systems and dust collection mechanisms at every stage, the production process at the facility ensures that there is no wastage or by-products as any dust collected is re-used. Safe and sustainable production is a core tenet of its operations.

“We are proud to announce that the new facility will be constructed with an eye on future demand for specialty pneumatic and solid tires. In the backdrop of challenging circumstances, we remain steadfast in our goal in taking GRI and high-quality Sri Lankan made specialty tires to the world,” commented Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI. 

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